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A Visit to Palm Springs: Part 1-Activities

My husband and I recently traveled to Palm Springs, California for a quick trip to celebrate my mother-in-law's 70th birthday. I've always wanted to go to Palm Springs, so I was over-the-moon excited when my mother-in-law said she wanted a family summit there to celebrate her birthday! Score!!

I have always had a very particular image stuck in my head of what Palm Springs would be like. Movie stars, Hollywood glam, cocktails by the pool, retro lounge chairs, and Mid-century Modern Architecture and furnishings. Very Mad Men-esque. Because we didn't stay in a resort or hotel, and instead opted for a rental home, we didn't experience that vintage poolside glamour I had imagined, but our trip was awesome nonetheless.

Just hopping on here to share with you a couple of the activities we did in Palm Springs. I originally planned to do one post about the entire trip but it was too much. So, here's Part 1 where I'll share what activities we did. Disclaimer: It wasn't much. This was a short trip.

I have to admit that I am a bit of a "lazy vacationer." When I travel, I don't want to do a ton of sightseeing or activities. I like to relax and enjoy the peace that comes from being away from the obligations at home and a set of different surroundings. I do not like to be "scheduled" while I am on vacation. As such, I spent most of my time lounging by the pool at our house, Palms at Park.

Despite the restful and quick nature of our trip, we did manage to do a little sightseeing. First, we rode the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway up Mt. San Jacinto. In case you're wondering, that's where you ride a tram, suspended by huge cables, up a mountain. The tram is a large and round, and you are crammed in there with a bunch of people, but it's fine. I am not a huge fan of heights or crowds of people, but I enjoyed the experience. The tram has windows all the way around and rotates so that everyone inside the tram has a chance to see all viewpoints. When you reach the top, there is a Visitor's Center with a gift shop, a restaurant and bar, and hiking trails. Even though it is hot in Palm Springs, it's really cold on top of the mountain. There was even snow! So, make sure and take a jacket. I was amazed at the difference in the temperatures!

At the top of Mt. San Jacinto, via the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

You should purchase tickets in advance. We took the last ride of the day, and because of that, it was getting dark when we were on top of the mountain and it was dark when we rode back down. It was nice to see both day and night, but the pictures we took on top of the mountain weren't that great because of the lighting. I think if I went again, I would go early enough for full sun during the entire adventure, and I'd leave enough time so that I could explore and wander around on the top of the mountain.

We also did some hiking. I think this was my favorite Palm Springs activity. For our hike, we chose Andreas Canyon, which is a relatively easy hike. It is an approximate two mile loop. I love being outdoors and experiencing nature. Being outside is a stress reliever for me. On this particular hike, I saw with my own two eyes why Palm Springs is named Palm Springs. It's because there are natural springs. And palms. In the middle of a desert.

Enjoying the hike at Andreas Canyon.

I learned that the type of palm trees here are called "fan palms" and that there are more than 150 species of plants within a half-mile radius of this desert oasis. I enjoyed strolling this route and looking at the scenery, which is in stark contrast to the greenery I am surrounded by every day back home in Tennessee. If you go hiking in Palm Springs, don't forget your water and start early in the morning. It is hot!

Fan Palms at Andreas Canyon

After we finished our hike of Andreas Canyon, we drove over to the nearby Palm Canyon Trading Post. There's a waterfall nearby, so we snagged a few photos before heading back to the house.

If you plan to visit Palm Springs, I definitely recommend that you check out the Andreas Canyon hike. If you want a more challenging hike, there are plenty to choose from, but I liked this "easy vacation" hike.

One day, the hubby and I strolled out to take a look at the town of Palm Springs. There were tons of cute gift shops, restaurants, clothing stores. Because of the heat, almost all of the restaurants had misters.

That's it for today. Stay tuned for Part 2, where I will share with you a little about my fabulous mother-in-law and the celebration we had for her!



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May 11, 2018

This is such a great post. I'm also really glad I found your blog as I am desperate for make up and skin care tips from a real person! x

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